Some of the Radiology methods available in our hospital are; ultrasonic methods, radiofrequency waves and magnetic fields, angiography, teleradiology, tomography methods.


With our Radiology Specialist in our hospital, we can open new doors to patients and guarantee that they are in safe hands.


In radiology, x-ray imaging methods are used for the diagnosis and treatment of medical purposes. Some of the methods used for diagnosis and treatment are; ultrasound, computed tomography. (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MR), nuclear medicine methods, positron emission tomography (PET), mammography, fluoroscopy and other methods using X-ray.

While this method can be used for diagnosis and it is in the form of monitoring of the patients with the obtained images, there are all the information and systems necessary for the treatment to be done with less damage due to some surgical procedures imaging methods. Some tomographies also have radiation. But we would like to say that our chambers of state-of-the-art production do not constitute such concern. We and our employees can say that all the necessary procedures related to the radiological x-ray
of this subject are progressing in a healthy and confident way.

Developing Technology

Thanks to developing medical technologies, tomography is also developing continuously. The doses of the given radiation are reduced and the quality of the images gets better, together with this you are the reason why are happy.

The departments of our doctors are specially familiar with the details of all areas and branches of the department, as well as having experience only in that area. As we always say again, our goal is to please you. With the diagnosis and treatment we offer, we follow you along with the latest technology and serve you a suitable treatment. In order to ensure the satisfaction of the patient and the patient’s relatives, to meet your expectations in the best way, for a quality service understanding, to reach happier and healthier patients, one of our biggest target is YOU…

As Private Gazi Hospital, your health is our assurance. With the special cleaning materials, our stuff is provided comfortable radiology rooms, to be able to control our patients in a safe environment 24/7. PRIVATE GAZİ HOSPITAL always at your service…

Our Doctors