PET-CT nasıl çekilir?
  1. Injection of Radioactive Substance: First, a radioactive substance is injected into the patient for the PET-CT scan. This substance is typically a radioactive sugar solution. This sugar solution is taken up by active cells in the body, especially cancer cells.
  2. Positioning During Scanning: The patient’s body is then positioned in a machine where PET and CT scans will be taken. This machine ensures that the patient remains in specific positions to obtain accurate images.
  3. PET Scan: After the radioactive sugar is taken up by cells in the body, a PET scan is performed. During this scan, the distribution of radioactive sugar in the body is measured. More radioactive sugar accumulates in areas with high activity, especially in regions with cancer cells.
  4. CT Scan: Following the PET scan, the patient’s body remains in the same position for a CT scan. The CT scan provides detailed images of anatomical structures in the body. These images are then combined with the PET images to provide both metabolic activity and anatomical details.
  5. Image Acquisition and Analysis: A computer combines the PET and CT images to visualize the precise location of metabolic activity and anatomical structures. These images are reviewed and interpreted by radiologists or nuclear medicine specialists.

The PET-CT scanning process may vary depending on the patient’s condition and the requirements of the area being examined. However, generally, it involves the injection of a radioactive substance, positioning during scanning, acquisition of PET and CT scans, and analysis of the images.