A small introduction

About Us

Private Gazi Hospital in 2003 by applying the system management and understanding brought by the 21st century; went into service with the aim of reaching higher quality service, more satisfied patients and happier healthcare workers.

25 Million TL.

Research Budget


Patients healed

21 Doctors

working for you

25 Years

of experience

İntegral Medicine Group

About our group

It is taking firm steps forward with our subsidiaries such as Startest Imaging Center, Emarmed Imaging Center and Orneuram Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in order to integrate the most advanced technology with its expert staff, to offer an exemplary, widespread and integrated service that can reach large masses, and to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Principles

  • Emphasizing Ethical Values
  • Respectful to Patients and Their Relatives
  • Respectful to Patient Rights
  • Responsible, Responsive and Contemporary
  • Creative, Determined and Visionary
  • Strong and Patient in the Face of Innovations
  • Clear and Clear
  • Innovative and Reliable
  • Warm, Caring, Caring and Smiling


  • To respect human life without discrimination based on race, gender or religion.
  • To inform patients and their relatives accurately and adequately.
  • To provide the patient with the most advanced, up-to-date and evidence-based diagnosis and treatment opportunities.


  • To act with the awareness that our most important power is primarily our personnel.
  • To support their professional personal development by starting with the most talented and expert personnel
  • To create a team spirit, to work with love and respect for each other.
  • Contributing to meeting the needs of each unit by focusing on the needs of the patient.
  • To create conditions that will ensure the participation of all our personnel in continuous quality improvement studies in our services.


  • To lead the implementation of the most advanced health services.
  • To continue training, planning and coordination activities that will increase the quality of life in cooperation with various institutions of the society.

Our Purposes

  • To provide excellent service to the patient,
  • To increase employee satisfaction and performance,
  • To ensure continuous development,
  • To ensure optimum financial performance,
  • Protecting and promoting public health
  • Ensuring patient and employee safety


  • To offer the most accurate, up-to-date and evidence-based diagnosis and treatment opportunities, taking into account patient rights,
  • To follow the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment services we offer and to adapt the appropriate one to our system,
  • To protect people who apply to our hospital from unnecessary time and financial losses by directing them to the correct diagnosis and treatment units,
  • For employee and patient safety; To continuously monitor the activities of medical and other personnel, to make necessary improvements and to support them with trainings,
  • To provide a safe service environment by purchasing safe installations, equipment, medical care materials and following the existing ones,
  • Measuring the satisfaction of our patients and employees and making the necessary arrangements according to their expectations,
  • To ensure the continuous improvement and measurable development of the service quality we provide.