PET-CT nedir?

PET-CT is a imaging method created by combining positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) techniques. While PET is used to visualize biochemical and metabolic processes in the body, CT is utilized to image anatomical structures in detail. By combining these two techniques, it aims to obtain more comprehensive information in the field of medical imaging. PET-CT scanning begins with the injection of a radioactive substance. This substance is typically a radioactive sugar solution that mimics glucose molecules. Active cells in the body, especially cancer cells, consume more glucose, so the radioactive sugar concentrates in these areas. Subsequently, PET and CT scans are taken, and the distribution of radioactive sugar is combined with detailed images of anatomical structures. This provides information about metabolic activity in the body and its precise location. PET-CT is widely used in cancer diagnosis and monitoring, cardiac evaluations, neurological disorder assessments, and other medical conditions.