Magnetic Resonance (MR)

Magnetic Resonance (MR) is one of the important steps of technology. The basic working principle is to send radio waves to the human body in a magnetic field, and in response to this, the received signals are transformed into images with the help of a computer.

Magnetic Resonance (MR)

It is a device that takes detailed images and provides early diagnosis, painlessly, without the need for radiation, surgery or invasive procedures.

The physical foundations of Magnetic Resonance technology were found in the 19th century. It took another century before it could be used for imaging purposes in the healthcare field.

GE Signa EXCITE is the most important milestone in MR technology in the last 10 years. It shortens the inspection time, increases the image quality and introduces new shooting techniques.

EXCITE Technology enables multiple signals to be received simultaneously using 8-channel coils. Compared to old systems, the signal increases at least 10 times. The increase in the received signals both shortens the duration of the examination and ensures the formation of higher quality images with higher resolution.

By completely changing the data line, it enables doctors to take images faster and increases what they can do for diagnosis.

Its reflection on the patient can be summarized as obtaining images in a much more open system, in a much shorter time and with much higher quality compared to the old devices. The reduction in inspection time and the reduction of device sizes significantly reduce the fear of enclosed spaces.

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