Mommy Makeover

Maternity aesthetics refers to the aesthetic procedures performed to correct or improve the changes that occur in the postpartum body.

Mommy Makeover

Childbirth causes many changes in the body of expectant mothers, and these changes may continue after the pregnancy has ended.

Maternity aesthetic procedures are generally performed to reduce postpartum lubrication in the waist area, to correct breast aesthetics, to prevent sagging of the breasts and to correct sagging in the abdomen.

The most common maternity aesthetic procedures are:

Abdominoplasty: It is performed to correct sagging and looseness in the abdomen. A tighter appearance is provided by removing excess fat tissue and skin in the abdomen.

Liposuction: It is used to reduce excess fat tissue in the waist area.

Breast aesthetics: It is done to correct the shape, size or symmetry of the breast. This procedure can be performed with various methods such as breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Vaginal aesthetics: It can be preferred to solve some problems that women may experience in the postpartum period. At birth, the vaginal area experiences a great deal of stretching and enlargement, which can lead to problems such as sagging, enlargement or deformation of the vagina in some women.

Labiaplasty: In the postpartum period, excess skin and deformations can be seen on the outer lips and vulva region. Labiaplasty is a procedure to correct the shape and size of the outer lips.

Clitoral hood reduction: The clitoral hood is a folded area of ​​skin that protects the clitoris. In the postpartum period, there may be deformations and overgrowth of the clitoral hood.

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