Along with the new technology, we are also developing and we are here with new tools. EKG recordings are available in our hospital. Together with its innovative system and staff team created by technology, we are your health caretakers. We are with you with the heart listening device in our hospital.


We are developing with new technology and are here with new tools.

It is found with the machine measurements from which the graphic pictures are taken, thanks to the needle-shaped pen inside the machine while listening to the rhythms. Just as the causes and causes of heart and pain can be found in a common situation. If the necessary attention and devotion is not shown, the patient’s rhythm disorders begin and in a short time, the pain and contractions become evident. Before such situations, you can get our information by applying to our hospital and come to the centers where our health institutions are located.

We believe that the functions and methods created according to the level of the system are unlimited. We will request your help to do our best to inform you about any problem in our hospital. We are coming to you to gain your trust and reach higher levels with our many goals… PRIVATE GAZİ HOSPITAL We are honored to be at your service. We are pleased and happy to be at your service where we need to be, always on time.

After the ailments occur, the patient should be followed closely and remain under our supervision. It is our responsibility to inform the patient or his/her relatives by telling the authorized person the latest information about the patient’s condition with an EKG; It allows us to obtain the title of ‘related doctor’. The execution and end of the procedure is between 5-10 minutes. In case of any pain or reactions that may occur in the body, there cannot be any negativity. Each of the sheets on the beds are changed with the departure of the patients, and they are monitored together with the necessary health checks. As PRIVATE GAZİ HOSPITAL, we inform you that all personnel officials are working effectively in order to provide the requested information with due care. We aim to take our technology to the top, not forgetting your help, along with the cutting-edge technology. It can cause heart attacks that cause the system to pause by disrupting the order of the heart. As a solution to this, EKG procedures provide the extent of the problem in the heart or how it will be.


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