Bone Densitometry

Before the age of 40, each person’s bone density needs to be determined. This evaluation is important for measurements to be made in older ages.

Bone Densitometry

It is possible to prevent osteoporosis and prevent its progression.

What is Bone Resorption (Osteoporosis)?

Bone mass decreases with age. Bones become more perforated. This condition is called osteopenia. The aim is not to pass this stage throughout the spine. In women, bone loss accelerates during menopause. Progression of bone loss means that bones become brittle easily. In advanced ages, bones can be broken as a result of a minor accident or fall. The spine, wrist and hip bones are most commonly broken. In addition, collapses due to osteoporosis in the spine cause shortening of stature and a hump on the back. Until all these occur, there will be no symptoms and pain. However, in old age, the pain that people think of as rheumatism occurs. Usually this picture is Osteoporoz. One out of every 5 people with a hip fracture dies within a year, and most of the survivors remain bedridden for life. Please do not neglect it. Do all your troubles and enlighten on this matter.

Who is at Risk for Bone Resorption?

The most important risk factors are age and menopause in women.

Other factors:

  • More than two births
  • Menopausal people
  • Men over 55
  • Employees in a sedentary work environment
  • Those who stay away from the sun on vacation and in their daily life.
  • Those with diabetes
  • Those with kidney problems
  • Those with goiter
  • Those with hormone problems
  • Those with a family history of osteoporosis
  • Those with an unbalanced diet
  • Heavy smokers and alcohol users
  • Those who consume a lot of caffeinated beverages
  • Regular users of certain drugs
  • Fair-skinned people
  • Those who cannot exercise regularly

How is it recognized?

The most important diagnostic method is bone density measurement. The examination is done with a special device using a very low dose of x-rays. The procedure does not require preparation or medication, it takes a short time.
Bone density measurement is carried out in our unit in 10-20 minutes, without any preliminary preparation, without any injection, with computer support.

What are the Protection Methods?

  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise
  • Living away from smoking and alcohol
  • Getting enough sun

Is there a treatment?

No treatment can completely replace the lost bone mass after osteoporosis occurs.
However, bone loss can be prevented. This loss is tried to be prevented with calcium and hormone replacement therapies.

How to Prevent?

In order to prevent osteoporosis, which is the last point, calcium and vitamin D should be taken with food from childhood, eat regularly and benefit from the sun sufficiently. It is also necessary to avoid substances that cause osteoporosis (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol). The most important thing is to accept regular exercise as a part of life. Before you say I don’t have it, you need to measure your Bone Density once and have it checked regularly.

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