Our newly opened Audiometry Department may have important functions in the treatment of hearing disorders.


It is the name given to the hearing test that provides measurement of hearing and evaluation of hearing functions.

It is an application that defines the degree of hearing impairment of our patients with the addition of different tests and defines the need for hearing according to the course of our patient. Our aim is to assist our patients in the use of hearing aids by our otolaryngologists, who can learn and use scientific methods in the diagnosis of hearing loss and balance disorder patients, apply hearing and balance tests to define their hearing levels and provide a quality hearing.

Our audiometric examination methods are divided into four main groups as “Vocal Audiometry, Tonal Audiometry, Child Audiometry and Objective Audiometry”. Our doctors call it audiometry. Audiometers are our specialists, who determine the degree of hearing impairment of people with the support of various tests and define and apply the need for hearing aids according to the course of our patient, and give compulsory need conference rehabilitation. Some important tests are applied in our department; It is a pure tone audiometer: It is the ear test we apply most frequently. Awareness of both ears defines the minimum loudness at which you can listen at frequencies.

Anamnesis is taken from our patient and the test is explained to our patient. Before starting the pure tone threshold audiometry test, our patient is told to listen to different tones and to press the signal button when listening. After the test is explained, the test begins. The individual is seated in a soundproof cabinet. Our patient’s ear is tested with a headset.

Why do we perform audiometric tests?

We can easily solve diseases and problems such as hearing loss, inflammation, hereditary diseases and aging due to hearing loss and ear damage, with the help of high technology, with our specialist physicians. It is vital to take precautions against the diagnoses we have mentioned above. In this new department, where we are meticulous in your treatment, we offer you the best service and a high-tech examination with a good physician staff. If there are diagnoses like these, it will be important for our patient to have audiometry tests.

Why us and why should I go for audiometry tests?

In our intense environmental life, we are exposed to sounds of different frequencies. Noise and sound pollution are one of the maternal factors that cause them. Our audiometry department is at your service to know, recognize and measure the damage caused by an intense and noisy life to the ears and hearing.

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