Lower GI Endoscopy

Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies are being applied intensively. This technique is used not only for visible or hidden digestive system hemorrhages but also for patients who have a high risk of developing colon cancer or have undergone previous polypectomy.

The group of patients with intestinal diseases and colon cancers is the most intensely concerned group. The team applies all new treatment systems to these special group of patients.

The most intensive application area of ​​the experienced team is the removal of polyps endoscopically (polypectomy) in large bowel polyps, removal of flat polyps by endoscopic resection (surgery), dilatation of stenosis and treatment of bleeding areas.

It allows for safe and urgent interventions in the GI bleeding. The latest technology is used in both hemorrhage and other examination and treatment fields.

Lower GI Endoscopy

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